Container Rentals of all types.

New or used Containers at competitive market prices.

Click to rent or purchase the appropriate container that meets your needs with the help of the experienced staff of our company.

The Technopyr SA provides you the option of rental of any number of containers as long as you need, if you do not wish to buy or simply need some containers in the context of a particular job.
The Technopyr SA They are also able to absorb any number of containers that are no longer needed or do not wish to deposit in warehouses, shipping companies and other customers. If a container no longer need, the market you would be interested in, so do not hesitate to call us.
Finally, we can program the Transfer your containers through the network carriers with whom we work or seamlessly coordinate our work with carriers of your choice. In any case, the company’s diverse and technologically advanced management equipment is at your disposal.

The continuous development of our activities in northern Greece and the wider Balkan region led to the establishment of our company and the second largest city, Thessaloniki. The Technopyr Thessaloniki, our branch in northern Greece, located in a privileged area, right next to the Port of Thessaloniki, can provide all the services they provide and the Athens premises, which for you means saving time and transport costs . For more information about our branch in Thessaloniki.